Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef

Stop the Coordinator General from approving the expansion of Abbot Point

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Late last year Environment Minister Greg Hunt approved dredging at Abbot Point even though he knew the risks for the Great Barrier Reef, and now the Queensland Government has granted an Environmental Authority for the mine itself.

In a move that surprises nobody, it seems Adani’s application has downplayed the impact they will have at Abbot Point.

Here’s a summary of their impact:

  • The artificial light from Abbot Point will disturb and confuse the turtles that use Abbot Point beach as their nesting grounds
  • The Traditional Owners, the Juru people, are deeply concerned that this project will disrupt an ancient burial site and shell middens. The only thing separating massive coal piles and these cultural heritage sites will be a road. hundreds more huge coal ships ploughing through their habitat
  • Black coal dust from the stockpiles will spread over the wetlands and get dispersed through Reef waters
  • And let’s not forget the 1 million cubic metres of dirty dredge spoil

We need your help.

Send an email Queensland's Coordinator General today and urge them to deny approval for Adani to build their dirty port at Abbot Point.

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    Ask them to stop the approval of the Abbot Point expansion

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