Minister Greg Hunt has just approved 3 million cubic metres of dredgespoil being dumped in the Reef's World Heritage Waters off Abbot Point.

Only one thing now stands in the way of 3 million square metres of dredge spoil being dumped in the Reef's World Heritage Waters off Abbot Point.

The destructive dumping can't go ahead without a special permit from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA).

Their mission is clear: "Our fundamental obligation is to protect the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the World Heritage Area."

Your immediate action is vital. Call GBRMPA today demanding it does it's job, refuses the permit and protects the Reef.

Calling the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Office

Ph: (07) 4750 0700

[note: Australian Eastern Standard Time]

Tell us how it went

After you've completed your call, tell us how it went!

Some tips for your call

Things you might like to say to the Marine Park Authority office:

  • Ask the obvious: Do the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority intend on approving a permit to dump dredge spoil from Abbot Point in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef?

  • Bring up: The Great Barrier Reef brings in $6.4 billion a year tourism industry and supports 64, 000 jobs. Are they willing to risk this?

  • State: It's the GBRMPA’s charter and job to protect the Reef for future generations. Will you ensure my message goes through to the decision makers.

  • Share your story: Tell them why you love the Reef and why it is so special to you.

Some more tips for during
and after your call »

During the call:

Be yourself: it's important to be genuine. Even if you stumble a bit at first, just relax and be yourself.

Use key messages: it helps to be clear and concise (use the points above to help).

Tell your personal story: when people hear about real human experiences, it's hard for them to detach. Personalising the discussion/questions by talking about yourself and your family will help influence the GBRMPA's decision.

Be Respectful: remember to be respectful to the staff. An aggressive or impolite approach will only harden their approach to our community and our issues.

DON'T get distracted from your core goals/message: it is really easy to get off on a tangent but important to stay on message. If you stray, get back to the subject of the Abbot Point permit.

DON'T FORGET TO ASK FOR SUPPORT: don't forget to ask the GBRMPA office if you can count on them to fulfil their fundamental obligation to protect the Reef in the future.

After the call:

Report Back: The report that you provide from your GBRMPA office can make all the difference in the Fight for the Reef.

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