Fight for the Reef
Fight for the Reef


“So reckless it’s terrifying” – Simon Baker

Award winning Australian actor and director Simon Baker, of The Mentalist fame, has joined the Fight For Our Reef in a bid to stop Adani’s proposed mega coal mine.

Baker has added his voice through a personal video plea that invites the public to join the Fight for our Reef and petition Australia’s Prime Minister to reject Adani’s Carmichael coal mine.

Find out more about Simon Baker’s message >>

“It’s pretty simple. We just need to stop a couple of things, change a couple of things and bam – you have it forever.”

Meet Gillian, seven years old from the south coast of Victoria.

We stumbled on this little legend a week before her very first trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Excited and in awe at what she was about to see at this World Heritage listed natural wonder, we just had to capture her unscripted passion – and share it with the world. Because, while she can still experience many parts of the Great Barrier Reef in all their glory today, if we don’t act now it could disappear in her lifetime – so her children can’t.

Find out more about this next generation ocean warrior >>

Adani Pollution Breach Confirmed

This is what Adani spilled into Reef waters after Abbot Point buckled under Cyclone Debbie. If they can’t cope with the coal port now – they won’t if it doubles in size, as their Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail project proposes, especially in the face of more climate-change catalysed extreme weather.

Richard Fitzpatrick of Biopixel documents 2017 coral bleaching in Cairns

Sylvia Earle’s plea to Prime Minister Turnbull: “Leave it in the ground”

2016 Federal Election TVC

Meet Nicole Graham, a Great Barrier Reef tourism operator and mum of two small children.

She is also the star of our new television and digital video campaign urging Queenslanders in marginal seats and all Australians to Vote for our Reef on July 2. Find out more about how you can Vote for our Reef here. 

World Heritage Committee Meeting Wrap Up 2015

563,480 people empowered the World Heritage Committee to put the Australian government on probation until the health of the Great Barrier Reef improves. Watch and share!

Protect the Fitzroy Delta

Watch: Protect the Fitzroy Delta
The Delta belongs to all of us. We want you to act wisely and protect it for the future.

Campaign achievements 2013

Watch: what you have achieved so far
The Fight For Our Reef has achieved a great number of things so far – here’s a few highlights.

TV commercial – Bob Irwin 1

Watch: Bob Irwin tells it straight
Life-long conservationist Bob Irwin speaks out against the rapid, wide-scale industrialisation of Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef. He urges people to join the Fight For Our Reef.

TV commercial – Bob Irwin 2

Bob Irwin calls on us all to join the fight.

TV commercial – concerned locals

Watch: Concerned Locals TVC
Reef community members join Bob Irwin in urging Australians to help protect the Great Barrier Reef and their local communities by joining the Fight For Our Reef.


Bob explains the threats to our Reef

Watch: The threats to our Reef
Bob Irwin explains the current threats to the future of the Great Barrier Reef.


Callum Roberts on the risks to the environment

Watch: The future is bleak for our iconic Reef
Marine Biologist Prof. Callum Roberts explains the cost of dredging on the fragile marine environment of our Reef and the importance of looking after it for future generations.

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